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in prince george's county. mnl crews are everywhere from a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer, a fire truck and suv. it was so violent it happened on one side of the beltway and ended on the other side. melissa mollet is live on the scene with more. good morning. >> we have once again with us the chief from prince george's county fire department. take us through what's happening right now and let's talk about what happened earlier. >> right now, two main things going on, on scene. one is the accident investigation continuing and two is the attempt to upright both the fire truck and the tractor-trailer. the one firefighter is -- you've been told has been transferred from the hospital to baltimore union memorial hospital. the other three remain at prince george's hospital. >> another three people total were transported for a totalf seven. >> they were all trauma patients but are expected to recover all of them, right? >> right. the one firefighter transferred to pos ton is transferred in
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critical condition. no change in any other status. the rest were transported as traumas. >> tell us what happened. >> all we know is that the fire truck was rear ended by the tractor-trailer. we don't know about the circumstances of what was happening. we know that the fire truck had just cleared another accident. they were cleared by other units. >> the tractor-trailer flipped, the suv a a third vehicle, flipped, and the fire truck flipped. as far as accidents in your years on the job, how does this compare? >> it's one of the most significant fire truck accidents that i've seen with a fire truck that was going down the road. i mean, a lot of times when we have accidents it's because we're blocking the scene and get struck by somebody ina tensive. this is one of the most severe i've seen with a fire truck traveling. the fire truck is literally in pieces. >> we're thinking about
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everybody involved. i know you're busy. inner loop traffic is actually getting by now. we have two of four lanes on the inner loop now open. of course, as danella has been telling us, it's really slow going. if we look this way, lanes 2, 3 and 4. only the left hand fast lane is completely shut down still because of this cleanup. a terrible accident out here. seven people injured. nonlife-threatening injuries. danella, you've been keeping an eye on this inside all morning. >> melissa, as you mentioned, about the outer loop of the beltway, your delays are about two miles on the beltway. i want to take you to another accident. landover road. it's in the shoulder lane. when i was talking about a backup along landover road on the beltway, this is just a mess. you're jammed at landover road and it's just slow as you continue north towards route 50 in maryland. if you're traveling around the wilson bridge and trying to make your way on the outer loop of
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the beltway, you may want to consider 295. checking delays. bw parkway looks clear. you can take central avenue, loop over to 301 if you're trying to get on to 50. just be careful. let's head over to metro. delays because of a disabled train at metro center. your delays are to glenn mont. eun, over to you. thank you, nella. severe storms are ripping through the south right now. this same storm system is expected to be with us tonight. this was the scene in arkansas where strong wind left many people without power and hech i rains left roads underwater. in tennessee, there are reports of 100 miles an hour plus wind and possible tornado. at least one report from a storm chaser says there is major damage in two counties in that state. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is now with the impact these storms could have on us. tom. >> wacky warm weather yesterday setting the stage for strong storms to come into the metro
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area later tonight. here's what to expect. storms moving in between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. some could be severe with heavy rain and damaging wind, unfortunately, that may cause outages. we've held in some of that warmth from yesterday. right now, temperatures across montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties, near 60 in washington. a few clouds drifting through. no precipitation yet. likely we'll see that moving in hour by hour through the morning hours. just a blustery wind in the 50s through 7:00 a.m. by 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., into the low 70s. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. then between 7:00 p.m. until midnight, we'll get the strong storms coming through. temperatures dropping back counsel to near 60. could pick up an inch of rain. some of the storms could produce damaging winds. i'll be here with frequent updates all morning long. staying on top of this changeable situation. eun? >> tom, thank you.
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6:04 now. a developing story this morning. south korea says it has successfully launched a satellite for the first time on its own soil. the rocket blasted off while you were sleeping from the coastal town. this is video of the coastal launch. it comes amid tensions with north korea. it launched its own satellite last month. it's been called a cover for a test of banned missile technology. we're continuing to track a hostage situation in alabama right now involving a young child. here's what we know at this point. police say a gunman has been holding the 6-year-old since last night. officers say the ordeal began when the man walked on to a school bus in midland city not far from georgia and the florida borders. he shot and killed the driver when he wouldn't let the man take the child. he then took the child to some kind of shelter behind a church. police have been negotiating with the man all night. we'll bring you new developments as they come into the newsroom. 6:05.
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gun control and gun rights activists will make their arguments on capitol hill. it's the first senate hearing on gun violence since president obama introduced several proposals he says will help reduce gun violence. nra executive vice president, wayne la pierre will answer questions today, so will retired astronaut mark kelly, gabrielle giffords' husband. martin o'malley is expected to push three major pieces of legislation during the state of the state address this morning. a sweeping gun control bill, repealing the death penalty and a third attempt to put wind turbines off the coast of ocean city are likely topics. for the first time you'll be able to chime in. residents can submit questions on twitter using #mdsots. the address is at moon in annapolis. boeing new about o problems on the batteries on the dream liners before they were
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grounded. nippon says before two battery fires on board the dreamliners, the airline replaced ten pat riss in its aircraft several months ago. the airline reported it to boeing but not to safety regulators. after the replacements were made, the airlines said some had to be replaced again. all 787s around the world are grounded pending an investigationment. 6:07 now. we continue to follow a pair of breaking news stories. this is live at the beltway in prince george's county where an accident involving a fire truck is causing major backups at this hour. plus, we continue to track a line of powerful storms as they leave their mark across the south and head this way. what impact they'll have on our region, next. also coming up, how super bowl dreams come true after all for one football fan after she
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if you are just waking up,
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breaking news that could impact your drive to work. take a look at these live pictures from chopper 4 above the scene of an accident on the beltway in lana, maryland. several lanes of traffic shut down after a serious accident. danella sealock here now. >> as chopper sdploozooms in, th is in the left sign of the roadway in both directions. if you're traveling the inner loop and outer loop, stick to the right lanes. you have two to three right lanes getting you by the accident scene. you're just joining us, a tractor-trailer involved, a fire truck involved and an suv involved. you can expect delays if you're traveling on the outer loop of the beltway. this is what it looks like. over two miles backup as you make your way towards the accident. another accident happened at landover road in the shoulder lane. i keep going back to this camera to show you as you work your way around.
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it looks this slow and jammed toward route 50 in maryland. i'm also tracking down wires in stafford, virginia. this is along route 1, closed between princess anne street and warrenton road. be aware of the downed wires. you can take i-95 as it is clear as you make the commute in the area. now, aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. >> let's look live outside at union station. spring-like weather for yesterday. we'll continue this gorgeous pattern today. >> tom kierein is here with our forecast. >> we're seeing gusts to around 15, 20 miles an hour out of the south. that's sweeping in. our springtime in january weather that we had yesterday. today will be the last day of it. here's how your morning is looking. by 7:00 a.m., the mid 50s. by 8:00 a.m., the upper 50s. sunshine, southerly wind gusting to 20 miles an hour. may get stronger by 10:00 a.m. in the low 60s by then. by early afternoon, we ought to hit the low 70s briefly.
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stronger winds gusting over 30 miles an hour by mid-to late afternoon. between 8:00 p.m., until midnight, we could get strong thunderstorms. some could produce damaging wind, may cause power outages. i'll show you the severe risk zone in the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. aaron and wrun. >> thanks, tom. the cruel message a football fan received when she learned she was scammed out of thousands of dollars. the super-sized security force that will be on hand to make sure everyone is safe at the super bowl. the potential rule changes that could o impact your child's daycare.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. if you are just waking up. or about to head out the door, pictures live on the beltway near route 50 in lanham in prince george's county. emergency crews are responding to a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer, fire truck and suv. seven people are injured, including four firefighters, one of the firefighters is in critical condition. this crash was so violent, it happened on one side of the
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beltway and part of it ended on the other side. major delays out there. we have live coverage of this accident. we'll continue to follow this breaking news throughout the newscast. 17 after the hour right now. they are boosting security big time in new orleans today as the super bowl gets closer. the ti is adding 1300 federal agents and 270 extra state troopers. there will also be coast guard ships in the lower mississippi river. the nfl holding a press conference with homeland security secretary janet napolitano to discuss the security efforts further later today. a california family will soon be heading to new orleans o cheer on the 49ers from super bowl xlvii. it was a big ordeal to get these ticket. take a look now. sharon osgood paid $5900 for what she thought were super bowl tickets. turns out the man who sold them to her on craigs list was a scam artist. when the envelope arrived with what she thought were the tickets, she found a picture of the game's two starting
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quarterbacks and a note that read "enjoy the game. go ravens. lol." i was driving in my work truck and had to pull over. my heart was in my stomach and i thought i would throw up. >> $5900. ticketmaster's ceo heard her story and offered her and her family four free tickets. the 49ers even threw in a fifth ticket so everybody could go to the game. new this morning, a new report from counterterrorism experts warns iranian militants are more dangerous and could soon attack the united states. they're learning from botched attacks the past few years and escalating their plans of attack. militants are determined to get revenge on the west for trying to disrupt iran's nuclear program. in will be a bittersweet day for senator john kerry. >> as he gives his farewell speech in the senate where he's
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served for five term. the senate confirmed kerry yesterday as secretary of state. he'll give up his senate seat on friday. state department is organizing a welcome ceremony for him on monday. massachusetts governor deval patrick will name his temporary replacement in the senate later today. a special election in june will determine a permanent senator. some virginia lawmakers are hesitant about pumping millions of dollars into a school renovation that's not in their county. the washington post reports that leaders in fairfax county want to fund renovations at thomas jefferson high school for science and technology by asking for contributions. they send students to the magnet school but leaders are not sure about helping pay for the proposed $90 million proproject. discussions are in the early stages. major changes to the child care system in parts of virginia. fairfax county officials are looking to change zoning permit
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rules for at-home daycare providers. current state law allows for up to 12 kids in home daycares. county laws allow for seven unless there's a special zoning permit. the fee for that permit is more than $1,000. the county board of supervisors presented proposals to adjust zoning rules to allow up to a dozen kids and to reduce that fee. >> the county will do everything that we can to make sure we're keeping child care providers and that we're making it easier for new child care providers to come through the system. >> i think we're going to lose a lot of good daycare providers because a lot of people won't want to go through this process. >> there will be public hearings to discuss this proposal in the coming months. angie goff at the live desk with breaking news. >> good morning, aaron. a line of strong storms is pushing across the south. we're getting new video and pictures into the live desk. take a look at this. here's a photo of a severely
6:21 am
damaged three-story building in mt. juliette, tennessee. i believe we have the picture for you. it's following reports of a possible tornado touchdown. local police originally tweeted it out. we'll retweet it owe you can actually see it. this comes after more damage continues to come in. after a wave of possible twisters moved through. in nashville, 100-plus mile an hour winds went through there. they're having a rough time. angie goff, news 4. 6:21 right now. that stuff is moving our way. we got to deal with -- deal with. i guess we don't have to deal with it. >> tom kierein here with the weather and traffic on the 1s. >> temperatures taunting us with a touch of spring yesterday. and it stayed fairly balmy overnight. starting off this wednesday morning, breaks in the clouds, temperatures, prince george's county near 60 degrees. montgomery county now the mid and upper 50s. also mid and upper 50s,
6:22 am
arlington, fairfax counties. parts of virginia -- manassas at 63. warrenton at 63 degrees. we have a big severe risk zone. all this area covers all of virginia, west virginia, just about all of maryland. for strong storms coming in later today. all coming in from this line. this is the same line that produced the damaging winds in arkansas and parts of tennessee. this is quickly heading off north and east and it does look like it will be into the metro area perhaps after sunset. and then we'll turn windy and colder tomorrow after we reach the low 70s today. 40s tomorrow morning. 30s tomorrow afternoon with gusty winds. still windy friday. even colder. maybe morning flurries. cold over the weekend too. on saturday, could get flurries saturday night. still cold on sunday. maybe more flurries and still feeling winter-like on monday. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. that's the way it looks right
6:23 am
now. >> good morning. i'm tracking breaking news on the road. you're traveling the beltway, we've been watching this accident all morning long. traveling the inner loop of the beltway. you're going to see two of your -- two of your left lanes blocked on the inner loop of the beltway. outer loop of the beltway has one left lane blocked. but you can see, tractor-trailer on its side. crash here also involves a fire truck and an suv. if you're on the outer loop of the beltway, your delays are about 2 miles jammed at landover road. let's shoot over and just show what you it looks like on the outer loop. delays are growing. thinking of taking 295 from the wilson bridge. you can see you're slow as you make your way northbound heading towards the 11th street bridge. again, southbound on the beltway in green belt, slow as well towards 50. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. twinkie lovers may not need to wait much longer to enjoy your favorite snack again. >> also, commode controversy. why these popular toilet seat
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welcome back at 626. it appears twinkies aren't going
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away. investment firms bid to acquire the snack cake and other companies could bid more for the sweets at an upcoming auction. a judge would have to approve a final sale. hostess declared it was going out of business this past november. from twinkies to the toilet. controversy swirling at one of the nation's largest airport. this video shot by the chicago sun-times shows plastic-wrapped toilet seats at o'hare airport which makes for a fresh experience with every use. in a test, a reporter put orange juice on the bowl and shows that some of the liquid is dragged to the top of the fresh plastic. >> the maker of the toilet seat cannot duplicate this. the controversy comes after hundreds of airport janitors were laid off. two breaking stories that you want to know about before you leave for work. you're looking live at the beltway in prince george's county where an accident involving a fire truck is causing major backups at this hour.
6:28 am
we have more on what happened. plus, we're going to help you get around this mess. we're also tracking a line of powerful storms as they move toward the d.c. area. when you can expect them to hit your area. also ahead, why you won't
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this is breaking news on "news4 today." right now, it's 6:30. more traffic starting to get by this serious accident on the beltway near route 50 in maryland. delays are still stretching for miles on both the inner and outer loop. this was a chain reaction crash involving a tractor-trailer, a fire engine and an suv. this all started on one side of the beltway and stopped on the other side. melissa mollet live, feet away from the scene now, making sense of this all. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: that's right. let me take you down the inner loop now. right now, we still have two lanes getting by from the four. it is the two right lanes. a little merging area as well. it is quite a mess. we have really long backups this way. let's whip around to the outer loop now. right now, you can see still just the left. the fast lane is the only one shut down. we have three lanes here that are open. let me take you back a couple of hours and tell you what
6:32 am
happened. we know the fire truck was coming from a call down the inner loop here. when for some reason, they were hit from behind. we're getting some reports that perhaps that fire truck that you can kind of see in the distance now that some of the lights have died down, that the fire truck was trying to make a u-turn, which is allowed if you're an emergency vehicle trying to make a u-turn on to the outer loop when it was hit from behind by that tractor-trailer. both of them rolled and in the meantime, somebody also hit an suv that rolled. seven people all transported as trauma patients out of here. four of them firefighters. we know one of the firefighters was transported to a different hospital for treatment of his injuries that were a little more severe than the others. still, though, we understand the injuries not life-threatening. i don't know approximate we're able to take an aerial shot from the chopper here. we can take that now. you can get a little bit of a better idea of how things are looking right now.
6:33 am
backups are unbelievable. as danella has been saying for a couple of miles in each direction. definitely, if this is a way you typically come to work, you want to way. i spoke with one state highway worker. he says they could be trying to clean everything up until noon. so danella quite a mess this morning. we know you're keeping an eye on things for us. >> i am, melissa, i'm back with more bad news unfortunately. we're going to leave from the accident scene that melissa is at and head over to bw parkway, to 95. crash at 450 has all of the southbound lanes blocked. forced off of southbound 295 at east-west highway. that's just happening. i'm also tracking the situation along route 1 downed wires in stafford. closes route 1 in both directions. this is between prince anne street and warrenton road. a tough commute day. busy morning for you, danella. we'll check in with you soon.
6:34 am
the other big story is the weather. as you head out the door, things will be pleasant. but severe weather to the west of us, going to impact your evening. >> storm team meteorologist tom kierein is here on what you should expect. good morning. >> good morning. we have balmy breezes on the weather deck this morning. coming in out of south, they're gusting around 15, 20 miles an hour. i can see an egg-shaped moon in the western sky right now. you still need, though, at least one layer, one outer layer to stay comfortable. the winds make it feel a little chillier. let's take a look. what to expect today. we're going to get strong storms coming from that midwestern system. it does look like it will begin to move in here by later evening. after sunset. storms move in 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. could have winds gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour. right now, we're holding in some of that warmth on that wacky day we had yesterday. it's near 60 degrees in prince
6:35 am
george's county. much of montgomery county the 50s. arlington, fairfax county now into the mid and upper 50s. but farther south in prince william county, stafford, spotvania x fauquier, in the low 60s. a few clouds racing through. sunshine in and out. hour by hour. by noontime into the 60s by early to mid-afternoon. the low to mid 70s with winds gusting to 30 mirror higher. then we do have that risk of severe storms 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. this evening. frequent updates throughout the morning. tom, thank you. developing news out of egypt where the streets were anything but quiet overnight. >> that is the sound of thousands of egyptians defying a nationwide curfew overnight. protesters played soccer in the streets, danced and rallied to demand that mohamed morsi resign. the curfew was put into place last sunday after
6:36 am
anti-government protests left 60 people ded and hundreds injured. the on sis says morsi and the islamist brotherhood hijacked the revolution and haven't addressed the country's issues. this morning, investigators say the deadly nightclub fire was sparked by flares that are designed for outdoor use. investigators say the band that was playing at the kiss nightclub in brazil early sunday morning knowingly bought them because they're cheaper. the outdoor ones only cost a dollar, while indoor flares cost about $35. today, funerals will continue for the hundreds who were killed. many of which were college students. overnight, the death toll rose to 234. 6:36 now. a the twist of an elderly man. his own son killed him is what police are saying. officers in florida arrested mac wood jr. this death initially looked like an accident. wood jr. ran from the house that
6:37 am
day screaming for help. he claimed he found his father at the bottom of the stairs. now detectives say that was all an act. wood sr. cancer. doctors had told him he had just months to live. police won't say why they think his son killed him or how they think he did it. today a former culpeper police officer will learn how long he'll spend in prison for killing a woman last year. a jury found daniel harmon-wright guilty of voluntary manslaughter yesterday. he shot and killed 54-year-old patricia cook in a church parking lot last february. he claimed cook tried to drive off with his arm stuck in her window. he faces up to 25 years behind bars. the anne arundel county board will hold an emergency meeting to remove john leopold from office. he was found guilty of misconduct. forcing county employees to help empty his catheter bag and using the security detail to put up election signs. the judge will announce a
6:38 am
sentencing -- a formal vote to remove leopold from office during a scheduled meeting on monday. you'll is to wait longer to see streetcars rolling around the streets. they were supposed to be here last year. then it got changed to late 2013. now sources tell news 4 that streetcars will arrive by 2014 at the earliest. d.c. officials say there's no problem with the streetcars or the rails. it's just taking a bit longer than expected sorting out the details. it is now 6:38. escalating tensions along the korean peninsula at this hour after south korea launches its own rocket. also ahead, new developments surrounding the batteries that forced the grounding of boeing's 787 dreamliner. more on the breaking news. this is live at the beltway in prince george's county where an accident involving a fire truck is causing major backups at this hour.
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breaking news. you're looking live right now at the scene of an accident on the beltway in maryland that has several lanes of traffic shut down at this hour. you can see emergency crews working to repair that scene. danella sealock has more with traffic. >> good morning, eun. as you can see, traveling the outer loop of the beltway, one left lane is blocked. inner loop with two left lanes blocked. delays in both directions. we have to head over to a new accident. unfortunately, on 295, this is an alternate route for most people had morning. all your southbound lanes are blocked at 410. there's a live look from chopper 4. you can see here, southbound at a dead halt because of the accident in this area. the accident actually happened closer to 450. what's happening is as you make your way towards riverdale road, you'll be forced off and have to get on to 410. it look like possibly they may be opening up the right lane as
6:43 am
we speak. this is all just happening right now. give you another update on this accident in ten minutes. aaron and eun. danella thank you. want to get an update on our forecast this morning. tom kierein is here with that. >> we'll have quick changes throughout the day. stay with nbc4. we'll keep you fully informed. for your morning, no travel problems, no weather problems. just balmy will be in the 50s much of the more than. by late morning into the 60s. most of the region. during the afternoon, here's the temperature graph and the big changes coming in of the we'll likely soar into the 70s. much of the region this afternoon, between noon and 3:00 p.m. then the winds will pick up. after that, gusting over 30 miles an hour. then between 8:00 p.m. and midnight in the metro area being we will likely get a line of strong thunderstorms. some of which could produce damaging winds and cause some scattered power outages. maybe a quick inch of rain coming in again between 8:00 and midnight around the metro area. earlier, farther to the west, from the shenandoah valley
6:44 am
toward loudoun and fauquier county, may get moving in between 6:00, 7:00 p.m. i'm back with the severe risk zone and the outlook coming up in ten minutes. developing overseas this morning, south korea successfully launches a satellite for the first time from its own soil. the rocket blasted off while you were sleeping. this is video overnight from a successful launch. north korea launched its own satellite last month. they're calling it a cover for banned missile technology. the military is moving into queensland as floodwaters re seed in the australian state. the death toll is up to six after two people were found trapped in their cars and swept off the road. 7500 people have had to be evacuated after a river crested its banks. at least 2,000 homes and 200
6:45 am
businesses in that city believed damaged or destroyed. in some areas, food and water are running low because the waters have cut off entire communities. we're following a developing story in alabama now. police are negotiating with a man whom they say shot and killed a school bus driver and is now holding a young child hostage. we're working to piece together exactly happened. here's what we can tell you at this point. started near the georgia and florida borders. the gunman walked oon to the bus and shot the driver when he wouldn't let him leave in the child. they say the gunman then took the child to a storm shelter behind a church. officers had been negotiating with the man all night. we're keeping you posted on the story from our newsroom. updates throughout the morning right here. 6:45. today the senate will discuss gun control for the first time this year. the senate judiciary committee holding a hearing on curbing gun violence. executive vice president, wayne la pierre will testify. he says president obama's recent gun control proposals won't keep
6:46 am
the country safer. he favors steps like boosting school security and enforcing gun laws that are already in place. retired astronaut mark kelly, gabrielle giffords's husband, will testify for stricter gun laws. 6:46 now. new this morning, boeing reportedly knew about problems with batteries on its 787 dream liners long before the planes were grounded around the world. nippon airways says before two battery fires on board of dreamliners this month, the airline replaced ten batteries in its aircraft several months ago. the airline reported it to boeing but not to safety regulators. after the replacements were made, the airline says some of them had to be replaced again. all 787s around the world are grounded pending an investigation. bad news for apple following the lawsuit with rival samsung. cnbc's jackie deangelis live with that story and more. good morning. >> good morning, aaron. a federal judge rejected apple's request to increase $1 billion
6:47 am
in damages that it was warded. the jury found samsung infringed on some but not all of apple's smartphone and tablets. the judge said the swrir got it right and not been able to -- asked for a new trial. toyota is recalling for 752,000 corollas and matrix vehicles to fix airbags that could deploy when they're not supposed to. it has received reports of minor injuries and two accidents. the automaker is recalling 270 lexus i.s. vehicles because of a problem with the wipers that would cause them not to work in certain weather conditions like snow. back over to you guys fiemt jackie deangelis at cnbc. a 4-year-old boy is in serious condition after being hit by a car. this happened in green belt. chopper 4 was over the scene on breezewood drive. the boy was with his father at
6:48 am
the time of the accident. police are not saying what led to that crash. they did say the driver stayed on the scene. montgomery county police are looking for the man they believe is behind a recent string of robberies and break-ins. the latest in germantown. the suspect attacked a 46-year-old looking for cash. police believe he's responsible for at least nine other robberies in the past month. they've released this sketch of the suspect. investigators say he started going after just purses and electronic. but recently, he's approached people on the street claiming to have a weapon. if you have any information, call montgomery county police. another man believed responsible for three armed robberies in a week is behind bars this morning. thanks to his greed a paurnt pa >> this shows the man robbing the kiss and ride convenience store in wheaton. a few hour later, he robbed the capital one bank across the street. then last night an officer spotted a suspicious cab outside a hair salon and found the
6:49 am
suspect inside getting a haircut. >> in the corner of my eye i saw a male sort of matching the description. luckily, the wind blew in. because i still had the door open. i could see a little red dye and i feel glad i got him off the streets. not my first one. but i'm very happy. >> police say the man confessed to both robberies, plus another robbery at a capital one bank last week. work under way on a development that will bring a new walmart store to the district. crews break ground for the fort totten square development in northeast washington. that multimillion dollar complex at riggs road and third street will include 300 apartments and retail space anchored by a walmart. the doors open in late 2014. in the day ahead, martin o'malley is giving his state of the state state address.
6:50 am
he's to talk about a repeal of the death penalty and a third try at putting wind turbines off the coast of ocean city. it's the first time you'll be able to chime in. residents can submit questions to the governor on twitter using #mdsots. the address is at noon in annapolis. you can chime in, in virginia. you'll be able to learn more about the potomac yard metro station in alexandria. the implementation group meets at city hall from 6:30 to 8:30. tonight the city presents information on three alternative locations including the environmental impact on each spot much the blue and yellow line stations would go at braddock road. angie goff has breaking news. angie had. >> good morning, eun. we actually have new video and pictures from the damage left behind by a possible tornado. the mount juliette, tennessee, police put out video of this.
6:51 am
that's the 18-wheeler that flipped overdue to the storm in the same area. video of the damage shows a sampling of what middle tennessee and kentucky are dealing with this morning. there's report that one person has died in the city of nashville. this is the place that reported 100-plus mile per hour wind. we're hearing a child in marion taylor county kentucky was hurt in a mobile home damaged by the weather as well. angie goff, news 4. angie, thank you. kind of rough to understand that they're dealing with that horrible weather and for us today, it's going to be nice. >> for part of the day. that same line that slammed tennessee and arkansas, unfortunately, is coming our way after sunset. stay with nbc4. we'll be keeping you fully informed as the day progresses, as the situation evolves. we're holding in that warmth. one more day of springtime weather in january. in 50s to near 60 degrees.
6:52 am
montgomery counties, it's warmer to the south. warrenton at 64. culpeper also into the mid 60s. low 60s now intprince william county. as we look at the temperatures out farther to the west, stanton, virginia, 66 degrees. petersburg, west virginia, 65 now. that warm air is going to be sweeping east and coming toward us by the time we get into the latter part of the morning. this whole area in yellow is under a severe risk. it's a huge zone including all of virginia, maryland, the district, west virginia from this strong line of storms. this is the line that came through tennessee moving into eastern tennessee. now, into east central kentucky and into central ohio. this is sweeping east and will get closer to the metro area. i don't think until later in i day. the leading edge will be moving into our western suburbs. by midnight, it's going to be sweeping right into the metro area. by then, it should be weakening. much colder air moving in and some snow showers in the mountains. we're in the 60s.
6:53 am
incredible changes on the way. four-day forecast, windy and colder tomorrow. after we hit the low to mid 70s this afternoon, we'll plummet to the 40s tomorrow. and it will drop gradually, down to the 30s after sunset with gusty winds and we'll have sunshine. maybe some snow flurries on friday morning in the 20s. afternoon highs only in the mid 30s. the teens on saturday morning. near freezing on saturday afternoon. could get flurries saturday night. still cold on sunday into monday. i'm back with frequent updates throughout the morning. eun? tom, thank you. a major mess on the beltway right now. delays are stretching for miles. that's because of this serious accident on the beltway near route 50 in maryland. this chain reaction crash involves a tractor-trailer, a fire truck and suv. news 4's melissa mollet is live. a few feet away from the scene with new information. melissa? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. a real mess. let me take you this way quickly. this is the inner loop.
6:54 am
we have two of four lanes open. the right two lanes are open right now. that's been for about the past hour or so. still as we've been showing, massive, massive backups all throughout the morning because of this accident. you can see still have the fire truck there. behind that fire truck, we have a tractor-trailer and somewhere in that whole mess, we had an suv. all of them collided here on the section of the roadway around 3:00 this morning. all of them flipped. seven people to the hospital, four of them are firefighters. everyone is expected to be okay. the most severely injured firefighter was transported to another hospital for additional treatment. here on the outer loop of the beltway, we have three lanes still moving but, of course, it is slow if you're coming through this area. because of all the people kind of slowing down and looking. we still only have this left lane, the fast lane on the outer loop shut down. i know it's a little bit hard to
6:55 am
see. in the distance, you can see a big rig tow truck. that's been on the scene for a couple of hours. it looks to me light it's trying to pick up -- hook up to the tractor-trailer that is turned over on to its side there. we've had trucks from state highway out here all morning putting sand down to get this fuel spill cleaned up so it has been quite the mess. i know, danella you've been following it inside. how does it look there? >> le lisa, it looks like four-mile backup. traveling the inner and outer loop of the beltway. southbound bw parkway. a moment ago all of the southbound lanes were blocked. this was at 4:10. a live update from chopper 4 shows that you are able to squeeze by using that right shoulder lane. delays, southbound bw parkway, unfortunately, i'm adding them up. they're about eight miles. a lot of commuters were taking this to avoid the beltway accident to get to the district. other roads to take. take route 1 from maryland.
6:56 am
it's not jammed. use central avenue as well. it's going to be a tough commute this morning. aaron? >> zooijts thank you danella. the kennedy center planning a multimillion dollar expansion four decades in the making. this is a simulated tour that shows that ambitious plan includes a stage that would actually float on the potomac river. also, a new living memorial dedicated to jfk with a large garden and new rehearsal halls, classrooms and stajts. most will be built underground to preserve the sill weft the main building. the center aims to complete that $100 million project by 2018. >> i'd like to see a show on the potomac floating there. imagine that stage. gorgeous sunrise behind us. but later today, it will be stormy and into the 70s before that much most of the region strong storms between 7:00 p.m. to midnight. could produce damaging winds. windy and colder tomorrow. cold into the weekend. danella, how is the traffic? >> still checking on the
6:57 am
accident southbound at 410, a live look from chopper 4. folks getting by in that right shoulder lane. delays are about eight miles. we're talking about as you travel southbound from maryland just a tough commute this morning. aaron and eun. all right, danella. we'll stay on top of that accident. the horrible traffic commute this morning. thank you for starting your day with us. the "today" show is next fl we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic. any breaking news. see you tomorrow morning at 4:28. 4:28. my mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee because she thinks it's too dark, and so i brought her some blonde roast. she loves it now. "my son made me this coffee," "you should try it, it's delicious." ♪
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